The Great Escape Poster - Live Friday at Tind w/ Paris Kampouris / September 2020


The Great Escape

-Oh huh, seems like we missed our rocket, baby!
Now, what are we going to do?
Is there going to be another one pretty soon?
-I really doubt it, to be honest.
We can ride a bus instead.
I dunno, catch a train or something.
-The weather's quite nice and the scene is chill too.
We can even just walk, now that I think about it.
-Well, walking is only going to take us a lifetime to get there so yeah why not?
-Better start walking then!
-What are you running to?
-What are you running from?

Screen printed poster on quality paper of various weights and types.
2 colors / 28.5 x 50 cm / 2 editions.
- 1st edition of charcoal grey & fluo orange of 8.
- 2nd edition charcoal grey & gradient fluo pink/fluo green & fluo orange of 38.
1 color / 28.5 x 50 cm / 1 edition
- charcoal grey of 9

Designed and screen printed by Paris Kampouris / escoparis & Manolis Angelakis / tind .