The Inspiration

  Each and every one of our designs carries a strong experiential learning.
  While appearing nihilistic and dark at first glance, there are hidden elements inside that serve another purpose; to urge someone to see beyond the negative parts and discover a much more positive aspect.  Whether it's a design printed on a T-shirt or a serious milestone in our lives, the message still remains the same.
Turn your vision and everything changes.

"We All Burn, We All Rot, We All Suffer The Same"
We all feel like special little snowflakes.
In the end, life doesn't happen to us ; it just happens.
No matter color, race, culture or beliefs, we all end up the same. Dead and regretting that we did not go an extra mile with what we had.
All we have to do is just take this bitch for a wild ride, enjoying every single moment - good or bad - and never once letting ourselves believe that we are alone in the process.
Let everything inside and around you rot and then die.
Only then you can start to redesign yourself and find those things that are worth not rotting again.
Our clothes are an homage to those who dare to dream and discover.
Those who question everything but their instinct.
Those who obey only to their own laws & their third eye.
Those who fear not the chaos within them for it is the natural pattern of this world.
Those who are not afraid to let their feelings burn them to ashes because they know that this is when they feel alive the most.
Those who just ignite the engine and ride on.