The Inspiration

  Each and every one of our designs carries a strong experiential learning.
  While appearing nihilistic and dark at first glance, there are hidden elements inside that serve another purpose; to urge someone to see beyond the negative parts and discover a much more positive aspect.  Whether it's a design printed on a T-shirt or a serious milestone in our lives, the message still remains the same.
Turn your vision and everything changes.

"We All Burn, We All Rot, We All Suffer The Same"
  We all feel like special little snowflakes. In the end, life doesn't happen to us ; it just happens. No matter color, race, culture or beliefs, we all end up the same. Dead and regretting that we did not go an extra mile with what we had. All we have to do is just take this bitch for a wild ride, enjoying every single moment - good or bad - and never once letting ourselves believe that we are alone in the process.
  This design is an homage to those who dare to dream and discover, those who are not afraid to let their feelings burn them to ashes because they know that this is when they feel alive the most; those who just ignite the engine and ride on. Let everything inside and around you rot and then die. Only then you can start to redesign yourself and find those things that are worth not rotting again.

"Tempus Moriendi"
  Time is running fast and the only sure thing in this world is that we are all going to die sooner or later. The progress we make everyday is a raw realistic proof of our mortality.
  Putting aside all this vainness, just let this design be a reminder that there is always a good purpose to live for, if only one remembers to turn on the light!

"3rd Eye Blind"
  There is something called instinct, hunch, sixth sense that we like to call a "Third Eye" and it's that low voice in the back of your head that always speaks the most peculiar of words but ends up forming the truest of truths. Interesting things happen as soon as we pay a little more attention to that voice, that "eye". We urge you to obey that voice! And maybe you can become your own Jesus!

"Stay Lit"
  Remember the good old days when you could just get tied to a wooden pole and get lit aflame for believing in something different or for just being unique? We don't remember either but we sure can imagine how that is like.
   Whoever you are and whatever you believe, people will always be glad to watch you have a slow and painful death. But, as long as your beliefs don't involve harming other beings, we suggest you stay true to your game; Stay Lit!

  We are not fans of violently enforced dogmas that promote a system of hierarchy and puts people with no cause and no esoteric wealth in positions of authoritarian power.
  Break the system and rise above any enforced authority you feel you do not have to respect. Respect is earned, not demanded for.

"Kill Your God"
  Hidden behind our self-crafted gods, we empower our self-righteousness in order to justify our actions. In the face of something superior, we feel we can do anything to one another and it's all cool beans if we ask for forgiveness or if it's to please a god.
  Let's assume responsibility for both our failures and successes instead of accrediting it all on something divine.

  Partying, consuming alcohol and substances and getting completely wasted always have been a crucial part of human civilization and culture. Dozens of gods & goddesses have been brought to life for the sole purpose of "fighting for your right to party" while thousands of tons of books have been written in an attempt the grasp the very essence of the party.

"Deer Lord"
  In Slavic folklore, there is a spirit that lives in the woods and lures travelers into the woods. If they disobey nature's laws or disrespect his home, he punishes them violently. He is somehow considered the woodlands' vigilante protector, also known as Leshy.
  Mixing this mythical figure's tale with a bit of Orthodox iconography, we created our own forest holy spirit, our own saint. He is a real protector of the woods, an unbending punisher of nature's enemies and a guide for all travelers and adventurers.

"Sigillum Septimo"
  We strongly believe that chaos is the natural pattern of this world and it is the only way we can truly discover ourselves and break our innermost barriers. Chaos is a Ladder!