"3rd Eye Blind" White Ringer T-Shirt / Black Print


°Jesus has always been our favorite superstar! From a religious persona to a leftist preacher and from a stoned wanderer to a recent meme Lord, Jesus is for centuries now the "name of the game".
°Armed with our critical dose of blasphemy and cryptology, we thought we should pay our own tribute to our guys, Soos.
°There is something called instinct, hunch, sixth sense that we like to call a "Third Eye" and it's that low voice in the back of your head that always speaks the most peculiar of words but ends up forming the truest of truths. Interesting things happen as soon as we pay a little more attention to that voice, that "eye". We urge you to obey that voice! And maybe you can become your own Jesus!
°100% Combed Premium Organic Cotton Ringer T-Shirt in White with Black Details and Black Ink.
.: Stay Filthy & Obey Your Third Eye :.

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***SIZE CHART (inches)***
NECK-to-HEM (Length) / SIDE-to-SIDE (Width)
SMALL : 27 / 20
MEDIUM : 28 / 21
LARGE : 29 / 22
XLARGE : 30/ 23