"Stay Lit" 3/4 Baseball T-Shirt (Charcoal Grey & White)


°Remember the good old days when you could just get tied to a wooden pole and get lit aflame for believing in something different or for just being unique? We don't remember either but we sure can imagine how that is like.
°Combining our usual offensive mood and a modern street slang term, we came up with this beauty!
°Whoever you are and whatever you believe, people will always be glad to watch you have a slow and painful death. But, as long as your beliefs don't involve harming other beings, we suggest you stay true to your game; Stay Lit, brothas and sistas!
°100% Heavy Cotton 3/4 Charcoal Grey Sleeve Baseball T-Shirt in White Color with Charcoal Grey Ink print.
.: Stay Filthy and Live by your own Laws :.

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