"Kill Your God" Black ZipUp Hoodie


°Going through a random five minutes in any news station channel, there's one thing that we grasp for sure; the fall of mankind has already begun. Hidden behind our self-crafted gods, we empower our self-righteousness in order to justify our actions as total scum. In the face of something superior, we feel we can do anything to one another and it's all cool beans if we ask for forgiveness or if it's to please a God.
°Fuck that! Back to our usual blasphemous mood, we thought we could give this concept a hit! We encourage everyone to assume responsibility for both their failures and successes instead of accrediting it all on something divine, a God.
°80% Cotton-20% Polyester Heavy Weight ZipUp Hooded Sweatshirt in Black Color with Bone White & Light Hazel Ink. Limited Edition of 20 pieces.
.: Stay Filthy and Kill Your Gods :.

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