"Deer Lord" Black T-Shirt


°"...perplexed by the abnormal alliance of the stars above, the adventurer found himself surrounded by enormous trees and lush flora, his mind numbed by the abundance of oxygen in the air, his legs as if they were moving on their own accord. In the distance, menacing shrieks echoed sharply, carrying a disturbing message ; this path was not to be taken lightly, vicious beasts and entities were lurking along the way. And suddenly, a heavy gust of wind came forth, pushing his legs to guide him deeper into the unknown, closer to danger. Steps taken against his total will, the adventure was just starting. And the Deer Lord, smirked silently behind him..."
°In Slavic folklore, there is a spirit that lives in the woods and lures travelers into the woods. If they disobey nature's laws or disrespect his home, he punishes them violently. He is somehow considered the woodlands' vigilante protector, also known as Leshy.
°Mixing this mythical figure's tale with a bit of Orthodox iconography, we finally created our own forest holy spirit, our own saint. He is a real protector of the woods, an unbending punisher of nature's enemies and a guide for all travelers and adventurers. Behold, the Deer Lord.
°100% Heavy Cotton T-Shirt in Black Color with Bone White Ink print.
.: Stay Filthy and Take the first step into the shady unknown :.

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